Role of Parents' Committee:

The Globe-Trotteurs Parent Comity was created during the autumn of 2012 to meet the regulation designated by the Quebec Educational Childcare Act.

The Comity elaborates on Article 32 of the Childcare Act and has recorded these details in the minutes of the meeting held on the September 16th, 2013.  Briefly, the Parent Comity mandates a consultative position whereby the Direction of the daycare must consult the Comity prior to certain decisions to ensure transparency for each child’s parent.  The Comity therefore meets four (4) times a year and participates in the parent – educator meeting, which is held once a year in the fall

The Parent Comity’s involvement has also been dedicated to organizing fun and educational events for the children, such as the Christmas party, the end-of-year celebration, annual class and individual photos, bowling and field trips.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Parent Comity at any time:

We hope to help you with any questions and concerns you may have.

The Parent Comity’s Schedule of Activities:


See the daycare calendar.

Members of the Parent Comity:

Stéphanie Lavoie - President

Karrine Decarrie – Treasurer

Sophie Tessier - Secretary

Isabelle Paquette   -Member

Nadia Santay  -Member

Mélanie Turpin   - Member

Xiaoyue Li (Sarah) – Owner, Globe-Trotteurs Daycare

Jianping Zhou (Joe) – Owner, Globe-Trotteurs Daycare

Nour El Houda – Staff member, Globe-Trotteurs Daycare